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Find and Remove Violations Before They Cost You Money

Even the most careful owners and real estate developers receive violations in New York.

The Highrise Group assists with DOB violation removal in New York in different ways comprising representation at ECB court and filing all required papers. Furthermore, we offer property research services for owners, managers, and future homeowners of all existing and prospective properties.

If any violation is found, we’ll represent you at Environmental Control Board (ECB) hearings and complete all the required procedures to remove all violations for you.

Now the process of removing building violations gets easier with our Highrise Monitoring System that allows to track construction jobs and permits. You will be able to track every violation status online and in real-time. You will know when your fence or roof permit is accepted or up for renewal with our automatic updates sent via email.

We provide next services:

  • Assistance with obtaining a Certificate of Correction for an ECB violation.

    An ECB violation notifies that a property does not fulfill a provision of the NYC Building Code and/or NYC Zoning Resolution. To solve the ECB violations, you need to apply to the Environmental Control Board, an administrative law court, where a civil penalty may be imposed. However, the violations are entered against the property in the Department of Buildings Information System (BIS).

    The solution of an ECB violation stipulates two obligations:
    1. to pay a civil penalty and correct the violating condition,
    2. to petition a Certificate of Correction with the Department of Buildings at its main office by mail or in person.

    For certifying correction, file a Certificate of Correction form with proof that the condition was changed. In case of accepting the proof, the property’s record in BIS will display that the violation was corrected and certificate accepted. If a violation is dismissed at ECB, it will keep the status as “open” in BIS.

  • Registration of a contractor with the Licensing Unit to obtain a tracking number.

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