Certificate of Occupancy and Sign Off

Assistance with obtaining a Certificate of occupancy and sign-off.

A Certificate of Occupancy confirms the legal use of the building and can be obtained by filling an Alteration Type 1 application. The process for closing out the application is coordination that includes resolving all violations, closing out all open applications, passing all inspections, collecting all required papers, and reviewing with the Department of Buildings.

The age of building plays no role. The process of obtaining a new C of O has many aspects and the Highrise Group forms these into an exhaustive list of documents for the sign-off process. The Certificate of Occupancy process involves intense coordination between various parties in order to achieve an approval.

All permits are required to be signed off at the end of construction. Our experts will assist in the filing of special and progress inspection reports, equipment use permits, and other required items necessary to obtain a Letter of Completion.

A Letter of Completion is required at the close-out of an Alteration Type II application.It means all inspections have been completed, and the work has been performed in accordance with the approved plans. The Highrise Group can help with signing off all applications and closing out active projects.

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