Highrise Monitoring System

NYC Construction. Simplified.
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Property Profile

Add all of your properties to the system and monitor everything in one place in real time. New complaints, DOB Violations, ECB Violations and Hearings, Permits expiration notices and job status changes all within a click of a button.


Continuously tracks violations, complaints, jobs and permits of the NYC Department of Buildings and sends a notification to the user about new issues that are posted to the database. For example, you will get a notification if the date of scheduled Hearing on your ECB Violation has been changed. We help to resolve them quickly in order to avoid further possible fees.

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Information Dashboard

The user will have access to our website where it will be shown and tracked all violations, permit 24/7. Also the user will be provided with actual information on current statuses of allcompliance data.

  • New Complaint is received
  • New DOB Violation is received
  • New ECB Violations received
  • New Job Permit is received
  • ECB Violation Hearing presentation
  • ECB Violation Hearing Status Changed
  • ECB Violation Status Changed
  • ECB Violation Reminder
  • ECB Violation Hearing Date Changed
  • Job Permit expiration reminder
  • Job Permit expired
  • Job Status was changed